Where have I been since April?

Hi team, sorry I’ve been gone for a while – most of you may have thought the blog had died.  Life simply got on top of me, work has really picked up, the opposite of what I expected with this economy.  It seems that the layoffs we’ve all been seeing and experiencing have made some organisations fundamentally change the way they operate.  I’ve picked up quite a few contracting opportunites, where organisations are looking to contain their costs and be much more flexible with their finanical resources.

I’ve mentioned this uplift in work with friends and former colleagues, many of who have been experiencing concern about their employment future.  However the number one response I get is that it’s too expensive to start contracting.  Advertising, building a website and brand, it all takes quite a lot of funding.  I’ve actually been pretty lucky in that I’m relatively techno savy, so much of this I was able to do myself.  But even so, aspects such as adding eCommerce to websites is a little beyond me, often even allowing people to download my newsletter can be pretty time consuming to get up and running.

Some times life is about timing, and through the grapevine I heard about a product which might be able to assist those looking to make a start in HR Contracting.  Its pretty new, in fact as I write this it’s only just been released.  The site is a business directory for HR Contractors and HR Service Providers, now before you think ‘not another business directory’ I can promise you this one is very very different.  The premise behind it is that its built to be your own website.   So as a member you have a profile – just like you do with Facebook etc, and visitors to the site can search for you, and contact you directly.  What can you list on your profile?  Well the site currently has over 100 HR Services listed, you can also upload articles to promote your knowledge, and offer eBooks for sale or free download.  It actually seems really good, the way search on the site is arranged it is limited to US, Australia and New Zealand, with apparently more countries coming early 2014.

I should mention at this point this isn’t a sponsored post.  Its just letting you know about this site that seems like it might be helpful to you my readers.  The site itself is called www.LocationHR.com, and as its brand new the owner a chap called Brendan is offering members a two month obligation free trial of the site.  After that, you either walk away, or you pay for a membership.  Seems pretty fair.

I’ve emailed the link to some of my friends, and will be catching up with them to see what they think over the next few weeks.  It might just be that push they need to take back their careers, and start taking up all the contracting opportunities that seem to be around at the moment.  I’ll let you know how it all goes, and of course I’m keen to hear your thoughts and if you’ve taken the plunge.

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